Values and Culture

Dear current clients and future friends:

our commitment is to benefit you, your family and work our community by providing comprehensive energy and electrical services. Our family owned, veteran managed company offers high integrity, seamless attentive care. This is a no gimmick culture so referrals from appreciative clients and grateful calling is how we meet future friends. How are teams are like family intent on meeting your energy goals and solving electrical problems.

With Commitment & Care,

Asgard Energy Team

Be purpose and passion driven

This is what we love to do! Finding and installing the best energy solutions is rewarding. Solving electrical problems is actually fun.

Protect and serve

Exemplify a veterans attitude for service and sacrifice. Be like an Asgardian and protect clients by doing the right thing in the right way for the right reasons.

Be truly caring, customers are first

We provide services to clients, not sell to customers. It's about being integrated - head, heart and hands. Genuinely listen to clients' needs and find the best cost-benefit solutions. Very courteously and conscientiously deliver services. Very thoughtfully respond to client requests during and after installation.

Build a community of friends

Caring services continues long after installation. We expand services by current clients referring family and friends, so that they can receive the same care. We are engendering friends, reaching out to future friends, creating community.

Energize lives and foster a future

We are a "triple bottom line" business, thus our priorities are: people, planet and profit.

We seek social responsibility; finding ways of helping others. Senior programs, grid alternatives, poor, solar world disadvantaged communities.

Be an environmental steward. Making a difference one home at a time and for our shared home, earth.

Provide custom, high integrity solutions

Create options for clients that seek their best interest, not cookie-cutter applications that are in the company's best interest.

Be trusted for one stop seamless service

Research the best energy services and build a comprehensive consortium of top performers with the most reasonable rates. Provide a continuum from needs assessment and feasibility study that assures clients cost benefit options.

Create new energy programs

Make it easier for nonprofits and faith-based organizations to receive the benefits of energy programs and services. Facilitate varied types of business to have customized energy programs to lower utility costs and in some cases create a new profit center.

Offer best-in-class warrantied technology

Have a reputation for the highest quality with a ferocious commitment to impeccable workmanship. Continually assess and provide the best technology, and performance warrantied equipment. Guarantee workmanship.

Keep it simple, "keep it real"

We seek to "keep it simple sweetie" (KISS), being down-to-earth, "salt of the earth". Common folk doing uncommonly good work. Be authentic, avoid ego and greed, be real. Have agile hands and a nimble mind. Create a no gimmicks no come on culture.

We seriously try to keep it fun

We are playful while being proficiently professional. We are individually friendly and "folksy", supported by tailored project management systems in a well organized corporate platform. The best of both worlds.

Vision + Hard Work x Character = Destiny