Leadership Team

Office Leadership Team:

Kevin Prill, Founder and President:

  • Project management, on-site supervision of teams and project planning
  • Scheduling and coordination, individual project management
  • Sub-contractor vetting and deployment
  • Lead electrician, crew lead on large projects
  • Energy solution and system design
  • Engineering problem solving, solar innovator, "He's the go-to person for solving problems or getting a second opinion for NC contractors and solar companies."


Project superintendent managing 50 people (four teams above ground, one below) and $250K of materials a month; Project/crew lead for over 3,000 residential and commercial electrical and solar new construction, T.I.s, remodels and service projects; as well as supervising over 1,000 solar installations by Asgard Energy.

Benjamin Jones, Vice President and Sales Manager:

  • Client energy demands and goals
  • Cost benefit assessments
  • Solar proposal generation
  • Site inspection
  • Client liaison and follow-through care


Director of residential construction - IES (Independent Energy Solutions)

Solar Department Head, Action Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar

Barry Witt, Electrical and Energy Engineering Design:

  • Design off-grid tie, grid tied with battery backup, PV, CPV, CSP
  • Wind and hybrid systems in reidential, commercial and utility scale renewable energy environments

Kenneth Volk, Technical Operations:

  • Project management and customer relations systems
  • Solar project administrative details
  • Project support tasks from site inspections to energy demands analysis
  • Administrative supervision: I.T., AP/AR, scheduling

TBA, 2016 Q1, Office Administrator:

  • Office systems; installation team support, sales support and proposals
  • Management support, bookkeeping input and reports
  • Customer relations coordination, contractor and sub-contractor relations
  • SEM tasks, i.e. monthly e-mailers, website weekly maintenance updating, social media daily updating, human resources tasks

Installation Teams, Crew Leadership

Because of industry-wide "head-hunting", Asgard Energy is vigilant in protecting the continuity of its experienced talent serving clients.

Stand-Along Specialists

  • Structural engineers
  • Parking canopy and solar shade fabricators
  • Custom panel racking manufacturers
  • Soil testing and grading engineers
  • Specialty roofers
  • Solar thermal design and installation