EV Charging

Dear Current Clients and Future Friends,

Our commitment is to benefit you, your family and our community by providing comprehensive energy and electrical services.  Our family owned, veteran managed company offers high integrity, seamless attentive care.  We are happy to additionally offer you Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, from single/double units in the garage to solar charging carports at your home, business, non-profit, etc.

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Industry Solution, Commercial Application

Retail EV Charging Benefits

  • Attract new customers who spend more (based on average income of electrical vehicle owners).
  • Increase the amount of time customers spend in stores while they charge to maximize the amount of money they spend.
  • Provide extremely effective advertising resource utilizing customers' smartphones to deliver targeted offers that arrive at just the right time.
  • Option to generate revenue by selling charging time to customers.

Workplace EV Charging Benefits

Attract and retain employees with unique features:

  • The equivalent of a 5% raise (based on average cost of gas).
  • Save EV-driving employees up to 2 hours a day in commuting by allowing them access to HOV lanes available in many states.
  • Automatically notify employees of charging/completion status via text message or web portal access to simplify sharing of charging resources.
  • Enhance company image as an environmentally-friendly corporation.
  • Accumulate carbon credits worth valuable utility rebates, or tax deductions available in many states.

Multi-Family EV Charging Benefits

  • Attract high quality residents
  • Retain those high quality residents for several years because they can't easily move.
  • Generate revenue by selling charging time to residents and guests
  • Manage parking behavior
  • Track and manage energy usage.
  • Charger comes with 2-year warranty, parts and labor.

Solar Shade Structures for Charging at Home and Work

Lumos translucent carport

Lumos translucent carport (backless panels)


This EV Powered by Asgard Energy

Networked Electric Vehicle Charging Stations



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