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Residential, Commercial, Utility Scale

Dear Current Clients & Future Friends,

Our commitment is to benefit you, your family and our community by providing comprehensive energy and electrical services. Our family owned, veteran managed company offers high integrity, seamless attentive care.

With Commitment & Care, the Asgard Team

Our Team has Extensive Experience in Design of –

Hybrid systems in the residential, commercial and utility scale renewable energy environments. We have designed thousands of solar electric, solar thermal and wind energy systems in multiple states and in Mexico.

  • Solar Thermal
  • Solar Electric (PV, CPV, CSP)
  • Wind Energy Systems
  • Grid tie
  • Grid tie with Battery Backup
  • Off grid


Portion of a 3D Rendering

created from satellite & areal measurements as well as site photographs for PreSale Package

Historical 12 Month kWH = 11,019 PV System needed for 100% offset = 7.5 KW DC STC (30) 250 Watt Solar PV Panels … (1) SMA SB 4000TL-US-22 240VAC Inverter with Secure Power

As Your Energy Team We Seamless Perform:

  • Financial Analysis (including Levelized
  • Cost Of Energy, ROI, IRR)
  • Site Surveys
  • System Design of Submittal Packages with Plans
  • All Documents Required For any Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • On-Site Project Management
  • Commissioning & Field Verification of Energy Systems

Our team custom prepares submittal documents for each different AHJ in order to achieve quick approval and permitting saving your organization time and money.

Dual Axis Concentrated Solar

Dual Axis Concentrated Solar


600 kw commercial preliminary layout

Preliminary Design/Marketing for:

Contractors, Electrical & Solar Companies

In the early stages of the sales effort we can provide 2D layouts and 3D renderings of proposed system designs with CAD or with Google Sketchup models. Show your customer how the system will look and how it will perform once installed. With a Google Sketchup model you can fly to the sight in Google Earth and see how the RE system will appear at the site. This helps close the sale.

“It is all about serving the client. We do everything we can to make sure each and every design is the best it can be in both system production and in compliance to all codes national, state and local. We have an excellent record of zero correction submittals for the majority of our plan sets. One trip to the AHJ per project is, in our opinion, enough.”

Residential solar PV and solar thermal

Residential solar PV and solar thermal

50 KW Commercial Plan, page 3 of 7

50 KW Commercial Plan, page 3 of 7

Our Commitment to our Country and our home, Earth - is to maximize the use of renewable energy use wherever it is practical and economical eases energy demand for global carbon based fuel supplies thereby reducing costs for that energy source along with protecting the environment though the reduction of emissions.

Highrise PV rendering

Highrise PV rendering

We have always focused on maximizing production and return on investment for every system we design. We do this for two reasons. We believe doing so guarantees the future of renewable energy and we want our clients to receive rave reviews from the end user when production exceeds their expectations.