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Solar Energy: The New Gold Rush?

One morning 165 years ago, James Marshall was examining his sawmill on the American River, near Coloma, Calif. Marshall was having a run of bad luck -- in recent years, he'd been to war and lost his land -- but on this day he noticed something shimmering in the channel beneath his mill. Scooping up…
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Goodyear concept tire helps power electric cars

As the market for electric cars continues to grow, the main concern that remains for consumers is the vehicles' potential limited range, or how far they can drive before needing to be recharged. While bigger, longer-lasting batteries would always be nice, a possible solution may come from the cars' own tires. At the recent Geneva…
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Solar Energy: Grid vs. Battery Storage

As solar power—both giant farms and small rooftop installations—enjoys tremendous growth across the U.S., there’s been pushback from big utility companies. They’ve campaigned to end net metering, in which solar panel owners can return unneeded power they’ve generated to the grid for credit, and to add fees to their bills, calling homeowners and small businesses…
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