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Finally, energy storage technology has become modularized for easy adaptation to existing residential and small business solar systems.   With the prices dropping and incentive programs available, like the 30% Income Tax Credit more people are designing new solar systems with critical load back-up.  You can size the back-up and designate what the system will run from basic appliances and lights to the whole house.  Small businesses can be assured that critical mission equipment will function in outrages and they can lower their peak demand costs.

While we can design and install an array of back-up technologies our primary alliance is with JuiceBox. Their Lithium-Ion batteries are warrantied for 10 years and continually monitor performance, plus you are able to control the system from your portable device. The proprietary chips that run these systems were designed by their R&D team for use in high end electric vehicles.  This team will release systems for increasingly larger commercial projects.

Below are the three core reasons JuiceBox Solar Battery Storage could support your energy goals.

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Here’s a link to financial programs that support storage

Smooth Solar Energy

Store energy during early morning and low usage days and feed it back into your building when it is needed to improve power quality and reduce the intermittent load on the grid.

On Demand Solar Power

The grid goes down or you want to be self-sufficient. A JuiceBox system charges and discharges day after day from your renewable source to power critical loads during extended outages.

Economic Energy Savings

Charge during non-peak hours and take advantage of time of use rates by consuming your own energy first. Customers can reduce demand charges which are based on the highest 15-minute period of the month and typically account for 25-35% of a building’s energy bill.

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