Our Commitment ...

Is to benefit you, your family and our community by providing comprehensive energy and electrical services.

Our veteran owned and managed company offers high integrity, seamless attentive care. We are a “No gimmick” culture so referrals from appreciative clients and grateful colleagues is how we meet future friends. Our teams are like family intent on meeting your energy goals and solving electrical problems.

With Commitment & Care,

Asgard Energy Team


What the name "Asgard" signifies:

The name "Asgard" signifies our Pledge to protect clients by doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons.

In keeping with his Scandinavian roots, owner Kevin Prill wanted an image to reflect his heritage, the hard-working culture of his family and the business.

The wings on the Asgard logo are borrowed from Thor's helmet, the hammer-wielding thunder god of Nordic legend and master of lightning.  The lightening bolt is used to symbolize electricity.  As a master C-10 electrician, this reflects his mastery of the art.  The sun above the wings represents our core competency and passion for solar.

The joining of the two disciplines - electricity and energy exponentially create Asgard Energy: a power force to economically, effectively and efficiently serve you.

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 Social Responsibility

To the programs we are current allied with and described through the button below we will also be building partnerships with:

  • Solar advocacy groups
  • Renewable energy non-profit programs
  • Community solar initiatives
  • Senior part manufactured homes
  • Low-income projects like Grid Alternatives
  • More...
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A little background on Asgard Energy:

Asgard Energy, is a family owned, veteran managed custom energy services company has been serving SoCal since 2008 with 5 Star Yelps and A+ BBB Rating, factored from nearly 900 installations without one roof or workmanship issue.  As client satisfaction is so high we are a referral based company, thus reducing overhead which ensures very competitive pricing.  In fact we will meet any comparative bid and guarantee our installation for 10 years, while the panel manufacturer guarantees the performance 25 years.

We install bullet proof, beautiful, reliable systems, tailored to your needs and budget.  Period.


Leadership & Installation Team #1

Are you weary of the  amazing number of “Solar Experts” out there that are knocking on your front door, yelling at home shows,  calling endlessly, filling up your voice mail, email and mail box with splashy color ads that promise you “The Best, the cheapest….free i-pad, toaster ……etc.etc.etc”?  At Asgard, we don’t  yell.     We’re not pushy and we are  never going to ask you to sign something when we meet with you.

We’re a local, reliable, family owned full service electrical company that love what we do. From wiring new homes, to tracking down faulty breakers, we welcome the chance to earn your business.  We should also mention that Solar PV is our forte, not a sideline in this solar boom market, but our area of expertise.  We’ve built over 1000 systems since opening in 2008 and we’re growing.

If you want someone to design and install a system that’s tailored to your family’s needs, pays special attention to your home, is affordable, reliable and will be here to service your system after the solar tax credit goes away…….. call us.  Call Asgard, we’ll listen, we’ll make recommendations. And if Solar is right for you, we’ll make it come true.

Our promise to you:

  • Superior customer service throughout your entire experience
  • Safe and thorough installation, adhering to all code laws
  • Award-winning service and maintenance
Our Projects


 Summary of Technical Expertise

Sample Project Development Capabilities:

  • Energy Audit and Feasibility Studies
  • Site Surveys and Preliminary Solar Layout
  • Financing/PPA Options and Project Proposals
  • Technology Evaluation and Sourcing
  • Engineering and Design Drawings
  • Permitting Packages
  • Meeting with HOAs, Governing Boards
  • Facilitating Incentives/Rebates/Tariffs

Sample Project Management Proficiencies:

  • Project Planning, Scheduling Production
  • Staging Materials Procurement and Prefabrication
  • Operations, Maintenance, Performance Monitoring

Sample Electrical Expertise:

1,000 volt DC Systems, AC and DC Side Wiring, Transfers and Disconnects, Enphase Inverters 277483, Step-up and Step-down Transformers, Revenue Grade Monitoring Systems

Project Gallery
 Stand Alone Specialists:

Energy Engineering Services: Design of grid tie, Grid tie with battery backup, Off grid, PV, CPV, CSP, Wind and Hybrid systems in residential, commercial and utility scale renewable energy environments

  • Structural Engineers
  • Parking Canopy and Solar Shade Fabricators
  • Soil Testing and Grading Engineers
  • Specialty Roofers
  • Solar Thermal Design and Installation
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Why do people choose us?

We are simply the best at what we do, from beginning to end.

Electrical work and installation of solar panels is a delicate process that requires training and only the best equipment. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards with both the tools we use and the employees that use them.

We focus on not only meeting the customer's expectations but far exceeding them.

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves: we are not only satisfying customers but leaving them with an installation that they are proud of. Both with our initial evaluation and with our extensive followup, we make sure that all of the customer's needs are address individually to ensure a smooth install.

We use only the best materials to make sure that your system runs trouble-free.

Not many companies offer the personalization and warranty that we offer. Not only do we guarantee your installation, but we also monitor your satisfaction after the fact to make sure that there are no problems after we're done. An install from us is not just a one time thing, it's the beginning of a professional and long-lasting relationship.

Our follow-up and maintenance services are the best in the business.

We don't rely on some huge call center to make our followup calls. We follow up with your ourselves, making sure your needs are constantly being met. Our past customers have referred plenty of their friends because they trust us to take care of their friends just like we took care of them.